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Marvel? :)

Push off a cliff: Loki (not that I don’t love him but he kind of deserves it).
Frick frack: Kitty Pryde 
Marry: Kitty Pryde!
Set on fire: Loki. Sorry. 
Wrap a blanket around: Bucky Barnes
Be roommates with: Steve Rogers

Give me a fandom and I’ll tell you which characters I would


  • Push off a cliff
  • Frick frack
  • Marry
  • Set on fire
  • Wrap a blanket around
  • Be roommates with

And if I’m not in the fandom, I’ll go by what I’ve learned from tumblr

Someone do this 

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"Fangirl" is not an insult.



“I like fangirls how I like my coffee. I hate coffee.” Three days after being spotted on a T-shrt for sale at WonderCon, this idiotic slogan is still making waves in the geek community.

Why? Well, for one thing, it seems like a perfect example of the hostile environment women have to deal with when they attend conventions. However, the T-shirt’s manufacturer, Tankhead Custom Tees, has just come forward to explain why the shirt isn’t sexist.

“the fangirl/fanboy shirts can best be explained like this: fangirls/boys =/= fans. Fans are people who like and genuinely respect a fandom, and it’s creators. Fangirls/boys are like those creepy fedora wearing neckbearded bronies, or hetalia fanfiction shippers, who make us all collectively cringe in pain at what they do to the things we love.

No one should ever defend these kinds of people. Seriously, they make the rest of us look bad.”

So, just to be clear here, the shirt isn’t insulting toward all women, just the ones who are the wrong kind of fan. …


again. listen. listen carefully. fangirl/fanboy is not a term any person uses on themselves. it’s a general term for people who take there love of whatever it is they love too far. the line of what makes a fangirl/fanboy is different to everyone but IT’S A NEGATIVE TERM. 

it’s America term for otaku. if you called a japanese person an otaku they would be offended, if you called me a fangirl i would be offend 


it’s calling someone an asshole, or a bitch or a cunt. it’s a word MEANT to offend you. so lets break down this stupid shirt  by replacing the words a little

"i like my assholes like i like my coffee, i hate coffee"

THIS IS 100% THE SAME THING. just let this one go. it’s not sexist, it’s not elitist it’s saying, I DONT LIKE DUMB PEOPLE. for the love of god.  

If you actually think the word “fangirl” is synonymous with the word “asshole,” then maybe you should take a look at how the word is actually used in every day life, not by the idiots who use it in pejorative or insulting ways, but by actual fangirls who use it to describe who we are and what we do.

Also not an insult:



tidepooling presents “Teen Wolf Fans for LLS
haleboundride presents “Pages for Posey
BiteCon 2014: Day 3
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For those of you playing at home while fans attend a convention it can be hard to keep up with what’s been said. And even if you do find some quotes, it’s difficult to understand the context in which things are said, which can alter the meaning completely. So here’s a breakdown of all the important bits of information you might have missed over the weekend.

The Bite Convention guests included: Keahu Kahuanui, Max and Charlie Carver, Sinqua Walls, Arden Cho, Seth Gilliam, Melissa Ponzio, Linden Ashby, Orny Adams, Felisha Terrell, Haley Webb, Eaddy Mays, Brian Patrick Wade, Gideon Emery, Jeff Davis and Tyler Posey.

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Photos of the book are now up!!!!! Feel free to take a looksie!


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